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Valves & Guides

Crankshaft Bearings – Big ends

Crankshaft Bearings – Main bearings

Crankshaft Bearings – Thrust bearings

VAK1, VIG1 & VAK1A Cylinder Liners & Seals

Pre-1950 Cropmaster Cylinder Liners & Seals

All tractors from 1950 to August 1954 Cylinder Liners & Seals

All tractors from August 1954 to 1965 (excluding 990) Cylinder Liners & Seals

Copper rings for tops of the above cylinder liners, VAK1 onwards

4/47 engines (990 Implematic & early 990 Selectamatic)

Pistons & Rings

Numbers without suffix letter are the most common sizes fitted

Core Plugs

Miscellaneous Engine Parts